Fr. Deacon James & Katherine Hughes

 The articles we have available at this time include:

Toward an Orthodox Pedagogy , Fr. Dcn James Hughes

The Spiritual Benefits of Physical Labor, Fr. Dcn James Hughes

Why We Need an Orthodox Pedagogy, Fr. Dcn James Hughes

Literature, Culture and the Western Soul, Sisters of St. Xenia Skete

Crafts Should be More Than an "Elective", Fr. Dcn James Hughes

Teaching Math in the Early Grades, Fr. Dcn James Hughes

Intelligence and the Lost Art of Cursive Writing, Dr. David Sortino

Why Johnny STILL Can't Read, By Sam Blumenfeld

Letter to an Educator, by St. Nikolai Velimirovich

Smart Children Who Have Trouble Learning, Fr. Dcn James Hughes

Lack of "Tummy-Time" Causes Developmental Delays in Children,  from KY3 News (Springfield, MO)

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