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Poetry for the Seasons

On this page, you will find links to various poems which are particularly seasonal, either in terms of liturigal seasons or yearly (weatherly) seasons. The seasonal poems tend to be for younger children, but not always.

Adding poems to the website has been a large task and we are slow in completing it, so we ask for your patience.

Autumn Poems

September   8.5 x 11

September Poem  8.5 x 11

The Four Winds   8.5 x 11

October   11x 8.5

October's Bright Blue Weather   8.5 x 11


The Season of The Nativity of Christ

The Christ Child by G. K. Chesterton   8.5 x 11.


 The Season of Great Lent

We used these poems as a means of instruction concerning the temptations that we all encounter.

The Camel's Nose   8.5 x 11

The Spider and the Fly   8.5 x 11