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Recent Additions to Website

In this section of the website, we will feature additions made within the last few months.  God willing, we will have the strength to continually add articles, suggestions and insights. An upcoming project is to develop a section on poetry, making many poems available for download in 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14 PDF format.  This section will be similar to the section on learning the Psalms. Our goal is to make the site as helpful as possible to home-schooling parents and other teachers.

Who's Who in St. Andrew's Canon

In preparation for the upcoming Lenten Season, we are offering a link to an article written several years ago called, Who's Who in St. Andrew's Canon.  As you know, St. Andrew's Canon is read during the first week of Great Lent, and again during the fifth week.  Since the canon makes reference to quite a few Old Testament figures, knowing at least a little about these people can help us receive the spiritual treasures which the canon offers.  The link to the PDF file is here.

Improvements to The Sentence Family curriculum

For those using The Sentence Family, and for those who will use it, we now have available 1) an answer key and 2) a PDF file that can be used to make copies of all the practice sentences which are in the book.

The answer key may be downloaded here.

The PDF file of practice sentences may be downloaded here.

Additions to Articles on Education section

We have added two new articles to the website section called "Articles on Education."

 The first article is entitled, Some Thoughts on Choosing a Math Curriculum.  This is often a difficult decision, so we thought some of our experience would be helpful.

  The second article is an 80 page History of American Public Education.  This history is written by Alex Newman.  It is not a pleasant history, but one which we should know to some extent.  Reading this history will answer many questions about why public schools are failing in so many ways.

A Wonderful Geometry Course and a Great Math Game

Many years ago, we found a wonderful geometry course based not on "proofs" but on using a compass and straight edge to discover geometrical principles.  This is how Archimedes would have taught geometry. The children loved it.  Find more details here.

There is also a math game, called Muggins, that is well worth considering.  It is appropriate for children aged 10 to Nuclear Physicist.  Here are the details.

A Pair of Games to Give a Boost to Their (and Your) Vocabulary

We used games very often in our teaching and found this practice to be very successful.  Here is a pair of games for teaching Latin and Greek roots, Rummy Roots and More Roots.